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  • Community Association Law

    All Associations are not created equal; neither are all law firms. Ferrer Law Group provides personalized legal services, without the prohibitive costs, expenses and hourly rates traditionally associated with such services.  [read more]

  • Real Estate Law

    Whether it’s a condominium or HOA, residential or commercial, financing or investment, a purchase or a sale, new construction or renovation: all real estate comes with a large list of potential pitfalls, especially during questionable chain of title times. [read more]

  • Covenant Enforcement

    In any shared ownership community setting, the restrictive covenants of a homeowner association or condominium association are only as effective as the board’s motivation to enforce them. [read more]

  • Individualized Assessment Collection Recovery Efforts

    The economic crisis of recent years, declining property values, overburdened yet underfunded courts, and procedural abuses by savvy homeowner attorneys, have made the collection of assessments a critical, yet difficult, part of the Association’s day-to-day activities. [read more]

  • General & Commercial Litigation

    From fast-moving injunction proceedings and complex financial issues involved in fiscal business disputes, our team assists in all phases of a matter ranging from pre-litigation strategies to the decision of when and how to try cases.. [read more]

  • Insurance Law

    Armed with multiple years of insurance law experience, with over seven years of insurance defense background, Ferrer Law Group has a focus on pursing insurance coverage claims on behalf of community associations and challenging substantially reduced offers, as well as outright denials of coverage. [read more]

  • Contract Law

    Contract law exists to enable businesses and individuals to enter into arrangements in which both parties feel that they are understood and their rights protected. However, business disputes can and many times do become an issue between parties who have entered into an agreement, despite how clear they believed the agreement was to start, and despite the apparent goodwill of both parties. [read more]

  • Consulting

    To be successful in today’s economy, one must understand the business and technology trends that effect success.  Ferrer Law Group is constantly researching and testing for the best solutions to help businesses increase profits.  [read more]