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Ferrer Law Group – About Us

Ferrer Law Group represents businesses and individuals in various legal disputes involving transactional and litigation matters. Founded by Lourdes E. Ferrer, our firm is known for our hard work, thorough preparation, attention to details, legal experience and community leadership. Our team is comprised of diverse educational and professional backgrounds to ensure the very best work product.
With 20 years of legal industry experience, the founder’s mission is focusing on the delivery of services to our clients where they need it the most: experienced legal knowledge, responsive service, concise communication all the while ensuring aggressive representation is efficient and cost effective. Our firm’s budgeting practices ensure efficiency and proper use of resources, considering our clients’ financial goals from the onset of a legal or business issue. Our clients are assigned teams for a particular case, allowing both the team and client to become intimately familiar with the facts and laws relevant to the issues. This model is intended to reduce costs and avoid the potential for duplicative work. Our team includes qualified attorneys, paralegals, law clerks and business consultants, along with a panel of expert individuals who are capable of handling a case on an as needed basis, rather than passing the overhead cost to our clients. All matters handled by the firm are personally overseen and approved by the Managing Partner to ensure the highest standards of work, strict adherence to technical requirements, essentially taking on a “no stone left unturned” approach.

Our Philosophy

Our firm’s philosophy involves the establishment of lifetime client relationships, rather than just focusing on one individual matter.  Our firm encourages our legal team to be passionate and caring about our clients’ businesses and success.  Our clients’ success is our success.  Ensuring compliance with this belief impacts our decision-making processes, focusing on doing what is in the best interests of our clients, spending more time understanding the complexities of the clients’ businesses, our clients’ short and long term goals, and providing counseling and guidance as our clients’ needs dictate.  The legal services provided by the firm are limited to specific practice areas in an effort to ensure all team members are well-versed and up to date on all new legislative and judicial activity impacting the rights and interests of our clients.

Our Business Model

Creating Value For Our Clients. One Decision at a Time.
As part of our commitment to creating value for our clients, the firm’s legal services include working closely with our clients to develop an action plan intended to either avoid litigation, quickly resolve existing litigation, or alternatively positioning a matter aggressively for a successful litigation outcome. Our team of collaborative alliances allows our firm to provide clients with a complete evaluation and assessment of each case.

Individual Strategic Legal Approaches
The firm’s strategic approaches differentiate us from other law firms. Our firm’s success is the result of a constant, unrelenting focus on our client’s needs. Our commitment to excellence and belief in a team-based approach to the delivery of our services fosters an atmosphere of creative and innovative thinking. We strive to surpass our client’s expectations, creatively handling novel and complex legal issues. We are committed to responding to our clients’ needs, aligning the skills, abilities and resources of our team, to respond to those needs accordingly.

We strive for an optimal litigation outcome in all the cases we handle. In an effort to provide value to our clients, our legal handling of matters involves thorough legal evaluations and assessments of each case, at various stages of the litigation process. In furthering these efforts, our analysis and corresponding legal opinions take into account multiple factors impacting a given case. Each case handled by the firm is strategically analyzed, based on the unique set of circumstances particular to a given dispute. The identification of issues, strength and weakness of a given case, the direct and indirect costs of litigation as well as likelihood of success, are all considered when rendering legal strategies. This includes offering various alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

An Innovative Alternative to Traditional Law Firms

“Clients appreciate communication – and the more, the better.  But when client communication is just another itemized function charged by the hour, both lawyer and client lose focus on the real intent –  which is building a relationship, not creating a new charge.”1  

“The successful law firm of the future will not use straight hourly rates to bill for its services.  In fact, studies and surveys have already exhaustively demonstrated that clients are fundamentally rejecting straight hourly rates as a valid billing gauge for legal services.”2  With this in mind, our legal team understands the significance of truly collaborating with our clients.

Understanding the client’s objective is a prerequisite to the handling of all our client’s matters.  This is why our law firm routinely provides budgets corresponding to all litigation matters.   Our quarterly, no charge, legal assessment reports, provide our clients with insight to the true status of their cases, rather than pages of meaningless activity performed, leaving clients confused and lacking an understanding of the process and/or stage of an actual matter assigned to the firm.

[1] Poll, Edward (2008). Law Firm Fees & Compensation: Value & Growth Dynamics. A LawBiz® Management Special Report.  [2] Id.

Our firm is committed to learning as much about our client’s goals and expectations. This includes getting information about parties, claims, anticipated strategies, and desired outcomes. An outcome desired by one community, may not be the same for another. Our firm will lay out case plans, identify issues, anticipate developments and proceed to proactively, rather than reactively, defend the clients’ interests.

As lawyers, our goals should always consist of providing value-advice that translates into actual solutions for clients. Please contact our office for more information about our customized proactive solutions. We welcome every opportunity to exceed your expectations!

Collaborate Alliances

Our collaborative alliances with business and legal professionals in the community, enhances our ability to properly service our clients. Committed to our clients, we leverage technical, industry, legal knowledge and provide hands-on experience to serve a diverse client base. Our firm integrates a powerful network of legal talent and business experience to provide innovative and comprehensive services.
The firm’s founder carefully selects top practitioners in strategic markets, bringing them together under various networking alliances and community groups, working toward a common objective. The talent comprising these alliances has a deep, collective, determination to reach an identical objective—serve clients in cross border transactions, litigation, arbitrations and class action suits. They further collaborate on various issues pertaining to matters involving legal, accounting, real estate, business development and marketing plans. These alliances enable our clients to complete overlapping areas of the law seamlessly. Our business and technology consultants provide the necessary technology to enable general counsel and consulting services.